Trinkle honors our past and our future: An Editorial

May 1, 2010

The following appears in the May 1, 2010 edition of The Roanoke Times:

Trinkle honors our past and our future

I’m sometimes accused of being change-avoidant. I’m not anti-change but think that community change should strive to learn lessons from and to honor our shared past. I think in David Trinkle we have a city councilman who does just that.

Trinkle has championed much change in our city over the last several years, first as a member of the school board and then as a member of city council.

My college-aged daughters see him as the candidate who understands and works for their generation by working to keep Roanoke the same family-friendly, child-oriented city they grew up in.

He also strives to help create a new climate where employers will want to locate their businesses to keep Roanoke fiscally healthy and to allow our amenities to grow so that it will be a city they can come home to when their education is complete.

He is a candidate who honors where Roanoke has been but is committed to making sure its future is bright. He is the candidate we need during these tough economic times when the choices are hard and options fewer. I encourage Roanoke citizens to vote for our future and to vote for Trinkle.



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