A Great Day for Roanoke: Taubman Museum Opens

November 17, 2008

Taubman Musem of ArtAfter years full of anticipation, the Taubman Museum of Art opened with much fanfare a week ago. The project was envisioned over a decade ago, with the architectural team being assembled and working on the project for over eight years. This is a great example of a wild vision becoming a reality in our city with much support from the private sector (businesses and individuals) and some support from the public sector (local, state and federal allocations). It took a visionary team to put it together and see it through and we should all thank those involved.

There was quite a lot of buzz on opening weekend- from discussions about the architecture, the space, the exhibits but perhaps most importantly the City of Roanoke. I kept hearing- “how did Roanoke get so Read more

The Market Building

October 2, 2008

City Market BuildingYes indeed- this post is on the left side of the blog as a featured Roanoke Vibe good story!

You see a related link on the right side (Dear Shanna…), but this link is all about the exciting potential of this building not the recent history.

The Market Building has been neglected and is in need of cosmetic improvements (very short term and almost finished) and a major renovation. The building has not been perfectly managed. It has become solely a smaller and smaller food court, with the mezzanine and second floor remaining empty, and even worse much of this vital real estate is being used for storage. The building had a major rehab and reinvention around 1983  - like many projects in our city, this renovation and concept has worked wonders, but too much time has been allowed to pass before the next renovation and re-invention of this building. Read more

RCPS opens the 08-09 Year with Convocation

August 25, 2008

A great and exciting convocation occurred this am at the new special events center in Roanoke. While the message was realistic, the mood was clearly upbeat. Many accomplishments over the last year were listed and eight goals for the coming year were outlined. The “rule book” found in No Child Left Behind was uniformly slammed for many well known legislative deficits and a promise was made by all in attendance to work together as a team to get every school accredited this year. Read more

Claude Moore Education Complex Serves Community Needs

June 11, 2008

Just over the new MLK bridge from the Hancock Building sits the Claude Moore Education Complex which officially had its ribbon cut last week. This is a great example of a vital community organization seeing a need for growth, partnering with an excellent school and finding a way and an appropriate place to make it happen. This time the City Read more

Historic Flair Found at the Hancock Building

June 11, 2008

Just a few weeks ago the historic Hancock Building that last housed Grand Piano Furniture Company opened its doors. While a very difficult renovation with equally difficult financing, this building reportedly came in on time and on budget. It now provides 58 apartment units to the growing mix of downtown residential opportunities. On the first floor it

Read more

Technology keeps you in the know

June 11, 2008

Mill Mountain StarWhile not getting much attention, for years the City of Roanoke has offered citizens access to email updates. This innovative approach to keeping citizens up to date on big matters, such as crimes, to little matters, such as street closures continues to receive enormous accolades from users of the service.

Read more

The Amphitheatre is Hanging Around My Neck

June 11, 2008

While the amphitheatre has moved forward at multiple times with anywhere from 4 to 7 council votes, this one seems to be hanging around my neck! To me the amphitheatre is a micro-issue for our city but obviously has vocal contingents on both sides. We can build a new firehouse or police academy with little comment and much more expense. Perhaps ongoing debate is because this is a visible, feel good project that all will hopefully use. Perhaps it is lingering sentiment from Victory Stadium. As we all should know this Read more

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